Institute for Holistic Sciences and Girijakumaran Astrological Research foundation (Registered under Educational & public charitable Trust Act RegNo: 278/95) an initiative from Our founder Sri K.K Janardana Kurup, lights a divine view over Kundalini Yoga, Astrology, atheenthriya dhyanam, tantra therapy, spiritual healing, holistic yoga, gemology, vastu, prasnam, muhurtham, lucky gems, birth stones and published books on the above subjects

More over Sri K K Janardana Kurup conducting classes and delivering deekshas for Kundalini yoga, Atheendriya dhyanam, Tanthrika dhyanam, and Manthra deeksha.

The Foundation also publishes a quarterly named Ksheerapadam on Astrology and Yoga for the last ten years, and published 30 books on Astrology,10 books on Kundalini yoga and 10 on other subjects. know more...

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